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TestoGen Brand

With so many brands and names of testosterone supplements in the market, buying the right one is not easy. In this article, we will be looking at TestoGen which according to many reviews could be a quality testosterone boosting supplement.

We will look at the various important aspects of this supplement including the ingredients, benefits, main advantages, downsides and other such things. We also will look the possible side effects apart from learning about the way in which this testosterone supplement should be used. Yes, it is also important to know from where to buy this supplement and we also will try and address this question also.

However, before getting into a detailed review of this supplement, let us get started by understanding something more about testosterone supplements in general and why they are needed. This will help the readers and other stake holders to have the right background information and then decide on the right testosterone supplement.

It will also help them to choose a suitable supplement based on their end use. For example you may need a different testosterone for bodybuilding while you may have to choose something different for enhancing sexual prowess and also for increasing strength, stamina and staying power.

What is Testosterone?

Low testosterone drastically affects:

Sex drive &Libido
Erection size& hardness
Loss of Muscle Mass
Memory & Mood

Increase testosterone will:

Boost free testosterone levels
Skyrocket Sex drive & libido
Maximize peak erection size
Supercharge gym AND bedroom performance
Dramatically improve mood,energy, focus

Testosterone is considered to be an important male hormone. Any normal male may start generating testosterone when he is just seven weeks’ old. Testosterone levels continue to be at the required levels till the age of thirty.

Beyond the age of thirty, it is normal for men to see a reduction in testosterone levels in the body. Hence, even for normal men, there could be the need for using these supplements as you age and as the levels of this vital supplement gets reduced in your body. Let us have a look at the various reasons why testosterone supplements are used.

Reproductive & Sexual Purposes

Men with low levels of testosterone have many symptoms associated with it. They suffer from erectile dysfunctions and other such problems. In other words, such men may not be able to get the right type, size and frequency of erections for sexual intercourse. They also may suffer from premature ejaculation and other such problems.

On the other hand, many men use testosterone supplements to boost their sexual performance in the bed. Men use it for enhancing the size of their sexual organs because there is a common belief that women love to have sex with men who have larger and thicker penis.

Further, these supplements may also help in increasing the staying power and this in turn may lead to increase in the overall time of sexual intercourse. It may help women to enjoy sex with such men because of obvious reasons.

Muscle, Fat & Bone

Testosterone supplements are used regularly by body builders, sports persons and some women also use it. It may help in building strong bones and also help in melting unwanted and stubborn fat.

When a person is put on a right regimen of testosterone supplements, and if he is able to complement it with the right workouts and exercises, it could help a lot in developing lean and strong muscle mass, tissues apart from improving the strength and quality of bones and joints.

Improving Overall Stamina & Strength

Sports persons are known to use testosterone supplements regularly for boosting overall stamina and strength. This happens because testosterone has the capability of improving the overall metabolism levels of the body. It also could be helpful in improving the flow of oxygen and other vital nutrients to the various parts of the body.

Other Benefits

Apart from the above, there are some other benefits when you use quality supplement like TestoGen. It could help in improving the quality of hair and nail. Further, it could also come in handy for all those who suffer from joint problems, arthritis and various other bone diseases.

Hence, there is no denying the fact that there are many reasons for choosing the right testosterone supplement. However, the quality of the supplement must be good and it must be taken as per the recommended dosage. The possible side effects should also be kept in mind.

Let us now get into the review of TestoGen so that our readers are able to get the best possible information about it based on facts and truths instead of opinions and hearsays.

TestoGen Brand

TestoGen, over the years has become famous and popular as a natural testosterone supplement. It is supposed to contain only natural supplements that are pure. They help in naturally boosting the testosterone levels safely and easily. It has stood the test of time.

The supplement is manufactured by Wolfson Beg Ltd. It is a supplement company that is based in Cyprus and the United Kingdom. The product was launched in 2014 and since then it has been able to become a well-known and result-oriented testosterone supplement. Since it is manufactured in FDA approved facilities, we can be sure about the quality of this supplement.

There are many things that go in making it a quality supplement. The most important perhaps could be the fact that it has eleven extremely powerful ingredients. These ingredients have been added to the final product only after each one of them has been thoroughly tested.

They have had a reasonably good safety record and there are hardly any side effects associated with it. It also has stood the test of time and is known to increase overall stamina, strength and lean muscle mass. It also makes the users sharper and clearer in their thoughts and this also sets it apart from rest of the crowd. It also comes with an easy to follow dosage regimen. The recommended dosage is four capsules each morning and this can easily fit into the daily routine of most users.

TestoGen Ingredients

TestoGen Ingredients

The effectiveness, safety and other characteristics of any testosterone supplement would basically depend on the ingredients that are used. TestoGen contains a carefully selected combination of ingredients and each one has a unique function. We are listing down the most important ingredients that go into each dosage that is consumed by the end-users.

Bioperine: This is actually derived from black pepper. It helps in making the whole formula effective by ensuring better bioavailability of all the important TestoGen ingredients.

Vitamin B6: This is an extremely important micronutrient because it helps in improving and monitoring more than 100 different functions in the body. It is considered to be vital when it comes to improving the production process of testosterone. Deficiency of Vitamin B6 often leads to lower levels of testosterone in the body and could also lead to lower energy levels.

Zinc: Zinc is extremely essential for a number of bodily functions and also for keeping sperm healthy.

Korean Red Ginseng Extract: Ginseng is a proven and tested aphrodisiac. It also could help to prevent damage to testes because of dioxins. Further it could also play a big role in improving the quality, length and duration of erections. Finally, it also is a proven libido stimulator.

Fenugreek Extract: This is another testosterone-boosting seed apart from having proven libido-enhancing properties. It could help improve vitality, strength and stamina. Further, it also has a number of antioxidant properties that could help to reduce the damaging impact of free radicals and help the body to work more efficiently.

D-Aspartic Acid: This is an important amino acid and use of D-Aspartic acid could improve the production of testosterone. In some cases it could improve its production by as much as 45% in a matter of few weeks. It would be pertinent to mention here that TestoGen perhaps has the highest concentration of D-Aspartic acid when compared to most other brands in the market.

Vitamin K1: This is another important ingredient that is worth mention. Vitamin K1 helps to improve the absorption of Vitamin D. when this happens, it leads to increase in testosterone in the body.

Nettle Leaf Extract: Those who understand Nettle leaf will know that it binds well to SHBG. This helps the testosterone to circulate free in the bloodstream. It also will be able to do useful things such as building leaner and stronger muscles. Further, it could also help quite a bit in boosting libido.

Vitamin D: There are many research studies which prove that regular and increased intake of Vitamin D may have a positive impact in improving and increasing the testosterone levels in the body.

Boron: The positive impact of Boron on improving testosterone levels has again been proved by research studies. The studies have shown that men who were put on a dosage of 10 mg of Boron for a period of one week have shown a healthy increase of 28% in the levels of free testosterone. It also could help in bringing down the levels of estrogen quite significantly.

Magnesium: Magnesium is another important mineral that may help in improving the levels of testosterone production in men. Further, it also is known to assist in enhancing and promoting the quality of sleep. Sleep is extremely vital for improving the quantity and quality of testosterone in the body.

TestoGen Benefits

There are a number of benefits that may be seen in men who are regular in the intake of TestoGen. Let us spend some time having a look at few of them:

Increase in Strength and Stamina: When your testosterone levels increase as a man, you will also be able to see a gradual improvement in the quality of lean and strong muscle. This will obviously lead to increase in strength and stamina.

Improved focus and concentration: You may be able to see significant increase in your concentration and focus levels. This will have a positive impact in your workplace and also in your home.

Reduced fatigue and irritability: You will not suffer from irritation at small things that happen around you. Further you also will not feel tired especially when you get out of the bed. TestoGen may help you to stay positive through the day and you will feel much better about your life and the people who surround and make a positive difference to you.

Improved Libido: Sex plays an important role in helping maintain a healthy and satisfactory relationship between partners. As a man, if you have not been performing to your capability in bed, you may have reasons to feel unhappy about it. With regular and correct intake of TestoGen, you will certainly be able to improve on your libido. You will have harder and long-standing erections and your love making sessions with your partner will also be significantly longer.

Higher Energy Levels: You also will be able to see higher energy levels and you will also be able to shed excess body fat. This may help you to work out longer and on the whole it is quite obvious that you will feel much healthier and you also will be able to stay in the best of physical and mental shape.

TestoGen Pros and Cons

Many of us, men in particular, may not be aware that their testosterone levels are dropping. They should be on the lookout for some classic symptoms that may point to lowering of testosterone levels in the body. Timely diagnosis of the problem will help you to correct the situation. This will result in improved health and overall happiness as far as your life is concerned. Here are some symptoms to look out for:

  • Low energy
  • Low sex drive
  • Hair loss
  • Not being able to get adequate sleep
  • Not being able to gain muscle mass.
  • Higher concentration and accumulation of body fat.
  • Low erections and almost non-existent morning erections.

Once the symptoms are diagnosed properly and once you are sure that these are caused by lack of testosterone, you must look out for the right testosterone supplement. There are obviously a number of benefits and advantages. We are listing down a few of them.


  • Manufactured from natural ingredients. Safety and freedom from risky side effects is one of the main reasons for the growing popularity of TestoGen. It is almost totally free from side effects. These ingredients have been carefully selected. The ingredients work in tandem in the body and make men feel healthy, mentally and physically.
  • Gives a boost to the production of testosterone. The product has been designed with the main objective of boosting the levels of testosterone levels naturally and normally. This could lead to increased focus and also could lead to other benefits like improve performance, improved levels of confidence and much more. This is because all the ingredients work in tandem and help to give a thrust and boost to the production of testosterone in the body.
  • Libido enhancement is another reason why TestoGen is considered to be one of the best products in the market. It will improve performance in the bed by offering a total and complete solution. It will improve quality of erection, increased time-period of erection and also improve the girth and length of the male sex organ thus leading to overall sexual satisfaction between the partners.
  • Increased mood and energy: Regular intake of TestoGen may also lead to significant improvement in mood and energy levels. It will make the person feel better at all times. It may lead to more efficient performance, better concentration and focus and also higher levels of confidence. All these will help in elevating the mood and it will have a positive improve generally.
  • You also get attractive discounts when making bulk purchases. When a customer buys 3 bottles of this supplement, you get 2 free.
  • The company also has an easy refund policy coupled with shipment across the world.
  • Each purchase is accompanied with a free nutrition guide in the form of an ebook.
  • Easy to use orally. The dosages are clearly mentioned and the capsules are easy to consume.
  • The results are visible within a few weeks.


  • Avoid purchasing from unauthorized brick and mortar and online outlets. Most of them sell spurious versions of TestoGen.
  • Four tablets at a time is a must for getting the best results.
  • Purchasing one bottle could be expensive.

How Does TestoGen Work?

The product works like most other testosterone supplements. These supplements help in naturally increasing the levels of testosterone.

However, you should be sure about the ingredients that are used in these supplements. It would be better to stay away from synthetic compounds and anabolic steroids. These are harmful and cause more damage than goo.

Testogen works because it has a carefully chosen list of natural ingredients. Each of the ingredients is known for its effectiveness and safety. These ingredients work in unison and in conjunction with one another.

The net result is amazing and they help in naturally increasing the levels of testosterone. It is considered to be one of the best ways to handle, treat and reverse hypogonadism. This does quite a few good things including reducing the levels of depression and also increase energy levels significantly.

The ingredients also give a boost to metabolic functions of the body and this in turns helps to reduce fat deposits in various parts of the body. Further, this particular supplement also has some proven minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and other such things that help in improving the quality of bones and joints. This is extremely vital because unless we have strong bones and skeletal structures, developing and building lean and healthy muscles and tissues will not be an easy task.

Many users believe that this is a testosterone supplement in the true sense of the term. This is not the case with TestoGen. It is not a steroidal supplement but a product that has been carefully put together using natural ingredients. Therefore, while it works in boosting testosterone naturally, it ensures that the users are not exposed to the risks and side effects that often come free with the steroid based testosterone supplements and boosters.

While workouts in the gym may increase the strength of your muscles and tissues, you need a good testosterone supplement for increase muscle mass and strength. This is where TestoGen could play a big role when compared to other supplements. The credit for its success and popularity should go to the scientists who have carefully chosen the right ingredients that help in boosting testosterone levels normally and safely, without any serious side effects. The supplement will also help in bringing about a big change in the sexual life of the man and his partner and this certainly may help in preventing many relationships from breaking down.

How To Use TestoGen?

TestoGen comes in the form of easy to use oral capsules. It can be taken with water or early morning juice or some other liquid drink. It tastes neutral and the recommended dosage is four capsules in the morning. It would be better to take it after breakfast, though it can be taken even before any solid food in the mornings.

The users might find it a bit tough to take down four capsules in one shot. However, this is at best a temporary problem and they will be able to get used to the capsules and dosage in a couple of days. The recommended time period is for 2 months with a break of 11 days.

Does TestoGen Have Side Effects?

As mentioned a few times above, TestoGen is made totally from natural compounds. Each and every compound has been very carefully selected. Therefore, it can be safely said that this supplement is virtually free from any dangerous or risky side effects. It is well tolerated even among those who use it long term. However, like all supplements, it would be better to check with your doctor before using it.

This is all the more applicable for those who are having some existing illnesses like cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, liver or kidney problems and other such diseases. These people would do better to check with their physicians before using the supplement.

A few cases of mild headache, nausea and stomach problems may occur. These subside within a couple of days. In case if it does not subside, it would be advisable to put on hold the use of TestoGen for a few days, check with your doctor and then continue it after a few days once your doctor feels comfortable.

Where To Buy TestoGen?

It would always be advisable to buy this supplement from the official website of the company. >>> TestoGen.com You can be sure about the quality, and the price will also be right. You also will be covered under the right refund, warranty and guarantee policies which may not happen if you buy it from other sites, or even from brick and mortar outlets. You also will be able to get attractive promotional offers which may not be available in other sites and brick and mortar stores.

The Final Word

If you are looking for a natural testosterone supplement that has stood the test of time, then you have all the reasons to choose TestoGen. It has proven its worth for being a safe, natural and effective method of boosting testosterone levels in the body. It has a range of benefits and is virtually free from side effects. It is also reasonably priced and you get value for money when you buy it in bulk.